Some, if not, most of us, spend more time in work, and with our work colleagues, than we do with our partners, spouses, family or friends. Spending such an amount of time with colleagues can present challenges and difficulties for some individuals. Often work relationships are not equal, there are different levels of seniority and management, and so some people find it difficult to be themselves. Additionally there can be demands put upon us in meeting targets and deadlines and dealing with customers, clients and service-users. This can potentially place demands on us which can cause worry and anxiety which can then impact on our personal life.

Research has shown that there is a strong link between high levels of stress and work-based productivity. Employees who are highly stressed can be less productive and can also results in increased absenteeism.

Emotional Impact of Work related stress

Physical Impact of Work related stress

How counselling and psychotherapy can help with work related issues

Engaging in counselling and therapy can help you manage better in your daily working life, and indeed your wider day-to-day personal life. Talking to a professional can give you an insight about what stresses you and the impact that it has. It can also help you recognise any changes you could possibly make to reduce or manage such stress. From speaking to a counsellor or therapist, you can tell them all that’s going on for you, without worrying about how you are seen or without worrying about feeling judged. It is a safe and confidential space which can help you get a better understanding of yourself.

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