Depression is a mental health condition which can affect the way we think, our feelings and emotions, our behaviour and our energy in our day-to-day lives.  Depression can be mild, moderate or severe and as a result it can impact how we relate to others (eg. our family, friends, work colleagues, etc.)

Depression is a widespread condition in Ireland affecting around 1 in 10 of us, regardless of age, gender or our background.  However it is possible to help lessen the impact that it can have on us, by seeking support.

Physical impact of depression

Emotional impact of depression

If you are concerned about depression, first of all, chat to your GP.  However in the meantime there are several management options available such as looking at exercise & our physical health (which releases endorphins in our body to improve our mood).

Counselling & psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy has been shown to be effective in helping to manage depression. Try not to deal with it alone. Talking to a professional and trained listener who will not judge you and who will show you empathy can help. It can help ease stress and give you a new perspective on issues or problems.
Remember, you’re perfectly human – not humanely perfect!

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