“The time came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud became more painful than the risk it took to bloom”- Anaïs Nin -

Owen Smith

Would You Like To Speak To Someone About What’s Going On For You In Your Life?

Yes you may have family or friends that you can chat to.  Yet often it’s better to talk to somebody more independent – someone who’s not already as closely involved in your life.  Sometimes when friends become attached to us, they can find it difficult to see your life clearly.  They may want to be on your side – even if that’s not for the best.  Furthermore from time to time our friends don’t want to judge us.  Yet that can be hard for them to resist.  Because of this, people can be more open with a counsellor or a psychotherapist because they might worry less about being judged.

When seeing a counsellor or psychotherapist, this is YOUR time.  Yes, time for YOU!

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Why might you need to talk to someone?

Maybe you want to feel more happy more of the time?

At Crystallise Psychotherapy & Counselling I provide a confidential and safe space to explore what’s going on for you. Perhaps you would like to explore your feelings and thoughts either in the “here and now” of everyday living. Or perhaps together we may look at how long established patterns of behaviour – that you have learnt in your past – may be preventing you from living your best life and holding you back from being the best version of your “self”.

Presenting issues and problems that can be supported through psychotherapy and counselling are:

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